Knee-High Boots ft. Natasha J

P1010036.jpgBoots | Top (similar one here) | Blazer (similar one here and here) | Skirt (similar one here and here) | Sunglasses

Hi Everyone! What a great opportunity it is to finally be a part of Emsies! I’m Natasha and Emily and I go way back, to the t-shirt wearing college days, and I have since been harassing her to make me a part of her blog post! Now that we are both working women, I had the chance to visit her up in New York in early November. If you know anything about Emily, is that she absolutely loves New York. So you know that you will have 100% of a good time with Emily showing you around. She knows all the hip spots, great restaurants, and the best views of the city.  Not to mention, all the fashion you must keep up with (of course with the hopes you might make a sweet landing on her blog). Well my dream finally came true (I guess my outfit was finally up to par)! I would always have described my fashion as very classic. I have never been a fan of tight clothing, and prefer to wear clothing that has more fabric and that flows well. I would also consider myself a very savvy shopper, majority of my clothing is under $20. Most of my inspiration comes from Bazaar magazine, and I would say my style icon has to be Victoria Beckham. She can make anything look effortlessly chic.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor this city look, I decided to sport my new above-the- knee boots from Target (Less than $50!). Surprisingly, I find these boots warmer than wearing pants itself. The skirt was only $10, top is from Forever 21 ($5 Black Friday, Hell Yea!), and the Jacket is from H&M ($10). I always tell my friends that the trick to buying winter clothing, is to buy it in Summer. The prices are ridiculously cheap and you can find the best trend setting pieces. There’s no such thing as over stocking on Winter clothing.



Thanks so much to Natasha for agreeing to guest blog today on Emsies! She looks so chic and knee-high boots are a huge trend for fall and winter! Hope you all enjoyed this post! -Emily

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese pictures were taken in the Financial District in NYC. Pictured above is the One World Trade Center.

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