NYC: Trench Coats & Stripes

IMG_2852Trench Coat (similar one) | Dress (similar one) | Sunglasses| Tights | Boots (similar one) | Tote Bag | Headphones| Lipstain

Let me first get to my outfit details before I get into the whole story of why I was in NYC even though I was supposed to be in Atlanta lol (bottom of the post). My mom bought me this Cynthia Rowley trench coat about a year ago and I always get compliments on it when I wear it! It’s perfect for casual wear in the city or as a light jacket for work! This outfit was influenced by Burberry ads I had seen the week before- I love how simple but stylish this look is! Check out the links above to see where I got everything/ similar pieces.IMG_2755


Story of how I got stuck in NYC for another weekend: My mom and brother came to NYC to visit me two friday’s ago so I planned to stay the weekend (FYI, I work in NYC so travel in Monday and usually leave Thursday). On the thursday after that, my mom and I were supposed to fly home. We got to the airport and after a few hours we got delayed then cancelled. I went up to the counter agent after waiting in  super long lines and she said the next flight to Atlanta was Sunday morning which was insane. I asked for anything that would take me a bit south like DC, Charleston, etc. so that I could drive home and she said the next thing south was on Sunday. I decided at that point that I just wasn’t going to go home and that I’d stay an additional week (since i usually have to fly back to NYC on Mondays for work and it wasn’t worth it if I were to get home Sunday). My mom and I basically had no choice but to stay an additional 3 days in the city so we made the most of it and explored, relaxed, and did a shoot on our hotel rooftop! Funny enough, she got a connecting flight that was supposed to get her to Atlanta on Sunday. On Sunday morning the flight was cancelled (unbelievable) and they were going to route her through miami to get her to atlanta which makes no sense. She talked to the agent and fortunately got a first class seat home directly! As for me, I’m supposed to go home tomorrow and was realizing that I haven’t been back for 18 days! Seriously hoping that my flight doesn’t have issues tomorrow and that i can get the reset I need!

Thanks for getting to the end of the post! -Emily



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