10 Things I Will Miss About NYC

_DSC6640Edited_DSC6779EditedDress | Sneakers | Necklace |Lipstick | Watch | Bookbag | Pom Pom

It is so crazy to me that it’s my last week in New York. I’ve been working here for the last 10 months which basically means I’ve been flying from Atlanta or another city into NYC every week for almost a year. Although I’m feeling  a lot of mixed emotions, many of you know that New York City is my favorite city and there are so many things that I’m going to miss. I created a list of 10 things I’m going to miss the most and have included it at the end of this post!

Before I get into that, I’ve been wanting to create this post for a while of a casual spring/ summer outfit that’s super comfortable and perfect for exploring the city! NYC can be hot and tiring to walk in so my favorite thing to wear is a dress and sneakers- it’s so effortless! I also just got this bookbag a few weeks ago and have been eye-ing for years! It is so perfect for being out in the daytime because it fits your wallet, camera, water bottle, and anything you might buy during the day! I shot these pictures with photographer, Nick Avloshenko from the Craze app and love the way they turned out!_DSC6652Edited_DSC6746Edited_DSC6614Edited_DSC6600Edited_DSC6796Edited_DSC6737Edited_DSC6750Edited_DSC6516Edited_DSC6769Edited_DSC6577Edited

Forgive me for how basic this list is lol but in no particular order, here are the 10 Things I’m Going to Miss about NYC:

  1. Pink buildings– You can find ones in East & West Village and also dine at ones like Tiny’s, Cha Cha Matcha, and Pietro Nolita
  2. Prince St Pizza– you HAVE to get the pepperoni squares
  3. So much Avocado Toast– My favorite places to get avocado toast are Union Fare, 11 Howard, and Bluestone Lane- so delicious!
  4. Rooftop Bars– Loved enjoying drinks with friends at Loopy Doopy and Le Bain!
  5. Ice cream– NYC has such rich and thick soft serve! I especially love Big Gay Ice Cream’s chocolate ice cream and Taiyaki’s matcha ice cream. For a vegan option, Chloe’s Soft Serve is amazing!
  6. Broadway Shows– All my money went to shows this last year; my favorites were Wicked, Aladdin, and Waitress.
  7. Shopping in Soho
  8. The skyline– there is nothing like it!
  9. Dig Inn– I don’t know what it is about this place but I loved grabbing lunch or dinner here. I’d always get the greens with chicken, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, and a half avocado.
  10. Brooklyn Bridge Park– This park has the best view of NYC. Such an amazing place to sit and just look across the water.


Can’t wait to enjoy my last few days and head on to new adventures! Hope you all liked this post!

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