11 Tips for Traveling Consultants

DSC_4864I’m finally about to hit my year mark as a full-time consultant! If you all have been following me for the last 10 months then you know that I was traveling ever week to NYC for work. It’s a completely different lifestyle then what I was used to but I’ve picked up some tips and secrets that allowed me to live the consulting life in the easiest way and also to the fullest. If any of you all are about to start a travel job, then I hope you find these tips below useful!

  1. TSA Pre-check/ Global Entry: You will constantly be going to the airport as a consultant so being able to wait in shorter lines is a big advantage. At some airports, I get through security in literally 5 minutes with pre-check. TSA Pre-check takes a few weeks to process/ set up the screening so sign up before your job starts. If you’re planning to travel internationally a lot, then apply for Global Entry instead. It takes a month or two to get your global entry application processed. The fee for global entry is $100 for 5 years & for TSA Pre-check it’s $85 for 5 years.
  2. Check your company’s perks– If you’re with a large consulting company, they usually have deals set up with hotels/ rental car companies to get you status faster. For example, if you’re diamond on Hilton, some companies can get you upgraded on SPG to Platinum. Ask your coworkers or search through your company’s site for the perks.
  3. Hotel Promotions– When traveling, you’ll be booking hotels every week & they always have promotions going on such as ‘double points when booking through the app’ or ‘triple points in January’. You should 100% sign up.
  4. Buy Full Size Products– This tip is from my friend Kristin so shout out to her. Instead of taking a toiletries bag to your city & back home every week, you should buy full size bottles of shampoo, shaving cream, makeup wipes, etc. & store them at your office. When you land Monday, you just take them to the hotel & this allows you to have extra room in your suitcase & a consistent haircare routine.
  5. Buy Nice Headphones– One of my gifts to myself when I started my job was a pair of nice headphones. I suggest getting a pair that cancels out outside noise so that you don’t hear the humming of the plane on your flights. Noise cancelling headphones also come in handy when you’re in transit & have to be on a conference call (make sure your headphones have a microphone too). I got these & also recommend these.
  6. Gel Nails– One way to feel more put together is to have your nails done & I’ve found that a gel manicure lasts on my nails for about 2 weeks!
  7. Steamer– I never have to worry about my clothes being wrinkly or about fighting the ironing board in my hotel because I got a travel size steamer that’s great! It heats up so fast & is easy to use. You could also leave this at your office when you fly home if you don’t want to pack it every week!
  8. Points Credit Card– If you’ve been building credit during college, then apply for a points credit card like Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve! You can use the points you earn from purchases towards travel, gift cards, or cash back! With a travel job, you’ll be spending more on restaurants, bars, etc so it’s the perfect time to build points.
  9. Link your accounts– There are so many partnerships going on between travel companies (ex. National points can convert to Hilton points, Ubers can contribute points to your  SPG account, etc.). Be sure to link them!
  10. Lifetime guarantee suitcase– In 10 months I for some reason went through 3 suitcases (airlines are  usually rough with your bag when you check it in).  My friend recommended that my next suitcase be one that has a lifetime guarantee so that I’ll always have a suitcase without having to constantly search & buy a new one!
  11. Ordering Groceries– There have been several Fridays that all I want to do is cook but don’t have time to get to the grocery store because of non-stop conference calls or deadlines. Using services like Postmates or Instacart have been so helpful to get what I need without leaving the apartment!

I hope you all found this post helpful! Leave your best tips in the comments since I’m still traveling every other week on my new project! Good luck & kick butt in the consulting world!
❤ Emily

Photo Credit: Hannah Lozano (see the full outfit post here)

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