Blanket Scarves & Christmas Lights

IMG_5597Dress | Leather Jacket (similar one here)| Scarf (in green here, in pink & blue here) | Purse (50% off!) | Boots (similar one here) | Tights | Lipstain (Shade: “Crunk”)

Hi everyone! Winter always calls for dressing in layers & I’ve found that it is also essential to have a blanket scarf because they add so much warmth! I got mine recently in my Stitchfix box & I’m obsessed (literally have been wearing it daily). When you’re going somewhere outside, you can wear the scarf around your neck, & then when you get inside, you can keep the scarf on but as a shaw to keep you warm. It’s the perfect accessory everyone needs. Also one random thing I wanted to add about this post is that I included 12 random facts about my current life at the end if you want to check that out. J

Since I work full time & it’s hard to find time to shoot in the winter with the sun setting so early, I was thrilled when ATL photographer Shawn Michael Craig said that he was open to shooting in the morning with me. It was so cold (under 40 degrees) but it was a blast shooting together! I am so impressed by how these pics turned out and definitely recommend him if you’re looking for a photographer!IMG_5631




I was just over on which is one of my favorite youtuber’s blog! She did a post that included 12 random things and it inspired me to do one too. 🙂 So here are 12 random things about my life lately:

  1. I’m leaving for Miami on Friday for Christmas!
  2. Last month I went on a trip to Asia with my parents & it made me realize a lot of things. Things like how this past year I’ve learned how important it is to be patient, not to meddle, to live in the moment, & that I’m not very good at expressing my feelings. Lol
  3. I’ve been OBSESSED with Grey’s Anatomy lately & I’ve been proud of myself for watching a lot of it alone b/c usually I’m a baby when it comes to really intense shows which Grey’s has a lot of (plane crashes, shootings, etc.). Like no joke I cling onto my roommate’s arm during a lot of shows that we watch.
  4. I interviewed a second time for a different program in the MBA school I was previously admitted to & got in so I am so relieved!
  5. My nails are painted an aqua-navy OPI gel color currently (looks like this).
  6. I’m wearing my Pandora ring which I’m obsessed with (copied my coworker & got the same one b/c it reminded me of a David Yurman band *swoon*)
  7. I listened to Hannibal Buress yesterday on spotify & thought he was really funny! I love stand up & my favorites are Jim Gaffigan, John Mulaney, & Aziz Ansari. (One time when the guy I was dating told me that he didn’t like stand up, in my head I was like “yea this isn’t going to work out” LOL)
  8. I’m went to DC this past weekend and got stuck there for an extra day b/c of the ATL airport power outages. Thank god I wasn’t in the airport at the time of the blackout otherwise I think I would’ve thought it was an attack and started crying.
  9. In consulting, if you’re not on a project, it’s called being on the bench & I’m thinking that if I hit the bench I might “live” in California for a week in January.
  10. I ordered a new phone case & I’m obsessed with it.
  11. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships & how getting married isn’t a guaranteed thing even though it feels like “oh everybody will definitely get married one day”. Relationships for the most part make me really nervous because I think I have a lot of fears/ insecurities related to them. But that’s also made me realize that people who get engaged have worked so hard at their relationship to get to that point which is a cool new perspective to me.
  12. A few months ago, I went to a concert by myself for the first time. It was the Jess & Gabriel concert (2 married youtubers that I’m obsessed with) & I can’t stop listening to their cover of “September Song”.

If you can’t tell from how many times I used the word ‘obsessed’ above, I get really sucked into things. I also get so inspired by people who I admire which is something I love about myself.  I’ve been so excited to show you guys this post and outfit today so I hope you enjoyed it! Happy holidays!

❤ Emily

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