Valentine’s Red

_MG_9889Sweater (similar one) | Dress (similar one) | Heels (similar one) | Bookbag&Patches | Lipstain

I’m so excited to share this post today because I especially love the pictures in this post! These were taken at #hubday which is a day put together by The H Collective where creatives meetup all over the country in specific cities & collaborate! It was so fun to get to work with a mix of people while admiring & meeting others! Highly recommend signing up if you’re a interested! The majority of these pictures were taken by Hannah Turner (SO talented!) but the other photographers were also wonderful & are noted under specific photos! Because Valentine’s day is around the corner, I was inspired to put together this girly, red outfit which is cute & a perfect transition outfit from colder to warmer weather! Lastly, in the theme of Valentine’s Day, I put together some thoughts on being 24 & single at the bottom of this post since I haven’t shared many personal thoughts about a love life on my blog before! ❤


Above left photo by Tyler Judson //  Featured in photo: @peekintochic



Thoughts on being 24 & Single:

I have gone back & forth about including this section but here it is. Lol I’ll begin by saying that I have been single the majority of my life besides 2 months of dating someone & “talking” to some guys here & there. When I say that I enjoy being single (which I honestly do), I sometimes worry that I sound like the girl at school who didn’t get a candygram & is playing it off like she doesn’t care when she really does.. but when you’ve been single most of your life like me, it’s weird to imagine having someone by your side all the time. Honestly I’ve achieved a level of independence that sometimes scares even me. Lol

I see a lot of my friends going on dating apps or wing-womening each other at bars but for me I’ve never really been in a rush to be dating someone. Don’t get me wrong, I think every single person, including myself, is always looking for the right person but while my friends are going on apps, I’ve always just hoped that I’d meet someone randomly or through mutual friends. Most of the reasons I’m not in a hurry to get in a relationship are fear driven. A fear of missing out on doing things or going places I want because I have to make sure I’m spending enough time with another person or that I’m taking their opinions into consideration. A fear that I’m going to commit to someone & then their personality changes for the worst (anger issues, being extremely controlling, etc.). A fear that the high of being in love won’t be as great as the high of life & adventures that I currently feel. I’ve seen relationships ruin people & it scares me that another person could make my life infinitely better or infinitely worse. I know some of these reasons seem dramatic but I’ve seen all of them in relationships around me. Luckily though I also have a handful of couples around me that inspire me & make finding a significant other seem worth it (in addition to 2 youtube couples that will make you believe love exists Haha See their incredible wedding videos here & here). Even though I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, when I think of turning 25 & not having a boyfriend or husband, my mind thinks “FAILURE”. Lol I think it’s because as a kid I thought I’d have that figured out by now (especially when you live in the South and people start getting married around 22). But life really never goes as you plan.. & that’s ok! Maybe one day I’ll look back at this blurb & laugh but for now it’s how I feel. Here’s to hoping that I find my person & that you do too when you’re ready!

Thank you for reading this post!
❤ Emily

Photo by Marco Noise

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