Tea Time Featuring Evian Spray

Tipple + Rose-11You know what one thing I’ve been really appreciative for lately is my girl gang. Girls are thoughtful, caring, fun, and just get me and I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many strong women everyday. I love seeing my friends take life by the horns and make it their own and support me when I do the same thing. I am partnering with Evian Spray today to bring you this post in the theme of celebrating your girl gang and besties!

I shot these pics with my girly Natasha and photographer Hannah Turner (who is incredible and I highly recommend her!). Evian Spray recently sent me their Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray which holds micro-droplets of pure mineral water from the French Alps! You can find this in both a 5oz and a 10oz size (both cost under $18). Although this product is essentially water in a spray bottle, it is very refreshing! I wish it included extracts such as aloe, rose, etc. but I will still be using this as a pick me up in the office or when my skin needs a boost! Hope you enjoy these pics we took at Tipple Rose Tea Parlor in Atlanta!Tipple + Rose-7

Tipple + Rose -_-32

If you were curious, my lip color is the shade “Continual Crimson” in this lipstain. It last all day even through meals and drinks!

Tipple + Rose-14

Tipple + Rose -_-29

Thinking back on shooting these pics is actually really funny because we were nervous about if the tea parlor owner was going to tell us we couldn’t take pictures there since she asked earlier not to be around the camera. We also were putting vintage crystal water glasses on the ground to remove excess props and got in trouble about that. And we also had the owner come up to  us 30 mins into us shooting pics and ask us why we hadn’t eaten the food yet. LOL Luckily everything worked out! Hope you all enjoyed this post! If you haven’t already, give Hannah, my friend and photographer, a follow!
❤ Emily

Thank you to Evian Spray for sponsoring this product. All opinions are 100% my own.

Tipple + Rose -_-35

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