Black Maxi for the Vineyards (North Georgia)

bc0f9f99-057b-4f29-a672-c2cff1144f4cDress | Belt | Sandals (similar one here) |Fitbit + Band | Curling Iron| Lipstick | Foundation

Something I’ve grown more and more thankful for these last few weeks is my girl squad. This past month has been nothing short of challenging and I’m so lucky that I have such a strong support system. Usually people share the good and bad of life with a few friends but I’m lucky I gave a whole group of girls to share that with. Surround yourself with people that make you laugh, are your cheerleaders, and push you to be better. Life is so much better that way.

This past weekend me and the gals went up to North Georgia to try out some of the vineyards (I reviewed them at the bottom of the post)! It was so beautiful to see all the greenery and the mountains. For the trip, I knew I wanted to be comfortable so I went with this new maxi and sandals. This outfit is one that anyone can pull off and you can’t help but be confident in it! I added a belt to the dress to cinch the waist and tied the hanging piece in a knot- super cute! For makeup I incorporated a natural look with acne-healing foundation, eyeliner, and my new favorite lipstick (all linked above). Just wanted to clarify one thing- in the picture above, my friend Natasha is not stepping on my foot (LOL), her foot is hanging and mine is under it.


We went to three vineyards this weekend (listed below). I’d recommend going to them in this order since it goes from average to best:

  • Feathers Edge Vineyard– This vineyard had a wine tasting for $12 where you got to choose the wines and keep a souvenir wine glass! Unfortunately you couldn’t see the vineyards or a view of the mountains but it was still nice to sit outdoors!
  • Chateau Meichtry Vineyard and Winery– This winery was so peaceful with a view of the mountains, live music, and a fire pit. I tried the Vidal Blanc wine and it had notes of Georgia peach in it- so good!
  • Fainting Goats Vineyard– pictured below- This was the most beautiful vineyard we went to today. It sat up high on a mountain with a sweeping view! They also had 2 actual fainting goats with two huge, gorgeous dogs looking over them. I definitely plan to return here.


Hope you all enjoyed this post!

❤ Emily

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