REVIEW: Londontown Nail Care

DSC06674From left to right: “Opal”, Ridge Filler, “Murray Me”, Top Coat, “Cheerio”

Hi everyone! Some of you may know if you follow my Instagram, but I started my masters in business administration this week! With starting any new stage of life that involves meeting a ton of people, it’s best to look clean and polished! I definitely wanted my nails done to make me look extra put together so I tried out these Londontown polishes! It’s is a rapidly growing, luxury nail care and polish brand that just launched in Neiman Marcus and Anthropologie!

DSC06688Application: For my look, I used the ridge filler first which I really liked ! I have some ridges in some of my nails so it was great to feel like they were flattened out. This was fast drying too so I was able to apply the color soon after. I used the color “Cheerio” and thought this was a pretty shade that matched everything! I applied three coats for my look and then applied the Londontown top coat after!

Wear: In terms of wear, my right hand polish chipped after 3 days whereas my left hand chipped after 6 days. Because the chipping started after 3 days, I’d say these are better for a weekend (instead of a week if you don’t have time to fix your nails mid-week). The polishes are typically priced at $16-18 which I personally think is too steep due to the wear.

Have you tried these polishes yet? What’s your favorite shade?
❤ Emily

Thank you Londontown for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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