A Reflection on 2018

IMG_1755Sweater (similar one) | Headband (similar one) | Fitbit Band | Jacket (similar one here & here) | Jeans | Booties (similar one here & here) | Lipstain (shade “Starwoman”) | Nails

I know it’s not quite December yet, but I wanted to do my year’s reflection a little early. This was a year of a lot of ups and downs for sure. I was telling my brothers the other day that this year was one of my worst ones. I mean that in a dramatic way and was just saying that compared to my previous years, this one was not as good. I’ll only go semi into detail because like I mentioned before, I’m only a semi-public (private?) person.


This was one of those years where I saw a meme on January 1st that said “I f’ed up 2018 already, 2019 is my year for sure” and I was like yep that’s me. LOL (I had a rough New Years.) This year, I stopped working at my former employer which included an unideal work environment and one where I was being manipulated by people who didn’t care about me. I also in April, lost my grandfather who lived in China and who I wish I could’ve seen more. I had a miserable Spring filled with uncertainty and with working myself into the ground (literally days from 9am to 2am). This year I came across different times of drama and am continuing to try not to meddle in situations because the majority of the time it just makes situations worse. In spite of all of this, this year was filled with a ton of good moments though. I was able to visit so many new places like Iceland, Norway, Nashville, Portland, Detroit, Cancun, and the Hamptons. I also started my MBA which was like a breath of fresh air. Couldn’t imagine life without my 80+ new friends that constantly crack me up and make me feel supported. Like I said in this post, I think everything happens for a reason and you’ll always end up where you’re meant to be. I’m really excited about next year. I can’t wait to keep spending time with my new friends, do a summer internship, figure out where I’m going to go full-time, travel to NYC (hopefully more than once), go to Israel (!), and whatever else 2019 has in store for me.

Moving into the pics in this post, I spent Thanksgiving with my brothers in Louisville. This is our first Thanksgiving we did without my parents (they were in China) but it was still nice to be with family. Even though I was born in Louisville, I hadn’t explored it much before so I made sure to look up as much as I could and ask for recommendations. My friend Evan told me about this pedestrian bridge (that goes to Indiana) and that’s where we captured these photos! It was great fall weather so I layered a turtleneck with a light peacoat. I love heavily red looks so added this lip stain to my look (I usually get a lot of compliments on this shade-linked above). Hope you enjoy this post!


fullsizeoutput_264dIn case you all were curious what my brothers look like, here’s a pic of us at the Miracle Christmas pop-up bar in Louisville!

Thanks for reading this post!

❤ Emily

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