Summer Green (+ 6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Recently)

IMG_5345Dress (in Burgundy) | Earrings (similar one here and here) | Boots | Eyeliner

It feels amazing to have time to blog again. I didn’t mean to go on such a break but when life slaps you in the face, you have to do what you have to do & may not have time for the things you want to do. The last 2 months were nothing short of challenging, not because of one specific thing but because of multiple things happening at once including the loss of a family member, keeping information from people, trying to make the decision between finding a different job or grad school, & also being manipulated by people. Because I’m a semi-private person, I don’t want to go too into detail about everything but I do want to share 6 life lessons I learned with y’all below. Also if you’re curious, I decided to go to grad school & will be starting my MBA in August!! So excited and hope you enjoy this post! (P.S. The photos were taken by my friend, photographer Taylor Brodeur.)

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11 Tips for Traveling Consultants

DSC_4864I’m finally about to hit my year mark as a full-time consultant! If you all have been following me for the last 10 months then you know that I was traveling ever week to NYC for work. It’s a completely different lifestyle then what I was used to but I’ve picked up some tips and secrets that allowed me to live the consulting life in the easiest way and also to the fullest. If any of you all are about to start a travel job, then I hope you find these tips below useful!

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Regrets About Not Moving

IMG_4232.JPGIf you know me, then you know two things: 1) I love change & 2) My dream city to live in is New York City. This past October when it came time to choose what office I would work in for my full time consulting job, I felt guilty about moving away and chose to stay in Atlanta. Throughout the months, I realized how much I regretted not choosing NYC as my home office and really got into a spiral of sadness and hating myself. After dropping off two of my best friends at the airport to move across the country, I felt like their lives were moving forward and mine was just standing still.  I don’t like to ever be negative so I took a few weeks to figure out how I could turn this whole situation into a positive one. If you feel the same way about not making a change and regret not moving to a new city then I hope this post helps you! Here’s what I’ve come up with to make me feel better about staying in my current city. Continue reading

Things To Do To Make You Feel Alive

IMG_0361.jpgI’m not jealous of people that are a different age. I’m not jealous of kids in high school or people older than me who are married and have kids. There is no other age I would want to be than 23 and living life with no commitments, so much adventure, and energy. There are so many people my age who are fine with going to bed at 11 on weekends or “being normal” and I’m not about that. I still remember that my friend told me “you never remember the nights that you got tired and just went to bed.” I love being in my 20’s and throughout the last five years I have had so many experiences where I couldn’t stop smiling, I felt lucky to be alive and could feel my heart racing. Next time you feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut or need an adventure, try these activities to help you feel alive! Continue reading

Handling a Panic Attack

_MG_5672.JPGNot gonna lie, it’s pretty late right now (2:30am) and I just don’t feel ready to go to bed just yet. It’s been a long day and the main topic of the day has been a panic attack. I wasn’t the one having the panic attack; however, I’ve had one in the past and they’re not fun. Something people forget about panic attacks is that they’re paralyzing. When I had one, I couldn’t stop crying and felt like the world was swallowing me. Some people when they feel this overwhelmed also have difficulty breathing and the whole experience is just suffocating (no pun intended). I have a few tips I wanted to share on how to get yourself or a friend through a panic attack. Continue reading