13 Tips to Help You Pretend Like You Have Your Life Together


I figured that a lot of peopleย could relate with the struggle of trying to get yourself together so I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while. There have been moments this summer where I would be rushing around trying to get out the door, but would still surprisingly not forget anything and look put together. Here are my top tips to help you pretend like you have your life together too:

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How To Deal With Rejection..

enhanced-buzz-wide-6382-1329860109-8.jpgSo I’m not going to go into details about what kind of rejection I have been facing this week but basically it has been a bad past few days for me. I was debating whether or not to do this post but then I decided that it could hopefully help at least one of you. I’m going to explain how I felt and how
I dealt with it.. I like to think of this as a 3 stage overview.

Guy Q&A: What is the #1 mistake girls make with clothes or makeup that drives you crazy?

Okay so I thought that it would be very helpful to everyone if I asked my guy friends what is the thing they really hate that girls do with makeup or fashion. Now I understand some of you may read this and say “Well what do they know? They aren’t interested in makeup or any of that stuff.” Yea sure this is true but don’t you wonder sometimes what guys think about your look? Here is a post that will hopefully help everyone understand what bothers or annoys the males in our life. (Just as a heads up, please keep an open mind when reading this.)

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