Talking about body image

_MG_1835.jpgOne thing I haven’t really talked about on my blog is body image. I genuinely would consider myself a confident person, have talked about confidence often on this blog, and think it comes from a lot of different areas in life. However, one of the things that I haven’t always felt confident about is my weight. Sure in blog pics I know my angles and can make myself look a certain way but sometimes if people take a candid pic of me, then I think “Oh that’s what I look like?” or “wow my arm looks huge in that pic”. In Asian culture, it is not “mean” or “ridiculous” to comment on someone’s weight so I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve been called fat or been told that I needed to lose weight. Sure you can deflect the comments a few times but after a while it can get to you and make you negatively think about yourself. I often wish I was skinnier or weighed less to be more attractive or especially before trips like Spring Break / beach trips. During one of my years in college, I made myself throw up after eating for a span of like two weeks which to be honest was super gross and I’m glad I didn’t keep doing that. One time my friend noticed I had thrown up and I lied about it. Body image is really vulnerable to talk about and keep in mind while you read this post that it’s about my own body image journey. I’m not saying that anyone needs to be a certain weight or change their body just to feel good about themselves but for me it’s what I wanted to change.

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A Reflection on 2018

IMG_1755Sweater (similar one) | Headband (similar one) | Fitbit Band | Jacket (similar one here & here) | Jeans | Booties (similar one here & here) | Lipstain (shade “Starwoman”) | Nails

I know it’s not quite December yet, but I wanted to do my year’s reflection a little early. This was a year of a lot of ups and downs for sure. I was telling my brothers the other day that this year was one of my worst ones. I mean that in a dramatic way and was just saying that compared to my previous years, this one was not as good. I’ll only go semi into detail because like I mentioned before, I’m only a semi-public (private?) person.

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Sunday Brunch- Fall Edition

IMG_7361Sweater (similar one)  | Dress (similar one) | Purse (similar one) | Sandals | Earrings 

I don’t know about you guys but I really find comfort in the saying “everything happens for a reason”. As I noted in this other post, the early summer months were not ideal for me and were full of uncertainty. It’s exciting to me to have gotten back on track and started something new which for me was grad school! It’s hard to imagine my life without my 80+ new friends, new goals, and new memories from the last 2 months that make me burst out laughing. Looking back, I think it was important to go through the things I did in order to be more focused for what I want in the future. I almost wish people could look ahead into the future and tell me what’s going to happen because as I grow up, I see a lot of the dots connect from my past. I think it’s important to remember that even if you’re in a negative or bad place, that good things are coming ahead!

Changing gears, I’m excited to have a new blog post up! I put this outfit together for a media brunch this past weekend with Bumble. It is still not fully Fall yet in GA so I paired a light dress with a cropped sweater (my go to combo for Fall)!

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Florals All Summer

IMG_5317Top (similar cut here) | Shorts (similar ones  here) | Boots (similar one here and here) | Hat (similar one here and here) | Fitbit | Fitbit Band

I’ve been hooked on florals this summer and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s because the trend nowadays are bright colors & prints and florals are one of the few prints I wear. Georgia has also been a complete sauna lately so I’ve been trying to wear clothes that are as thin as possible (without being see-through of course). This outfit is so light and comfy and perfect for a stroll around the city! I took these in Piedmont Park with my photographer Taylor. Since I also like to make my posts personal too, I decided to do another “12 Random Things” about my life at the bottom of the post if you want to check it out! (The last time I did it was in December and you can find the post here.)

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Summer Green (+ 6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Recently)

IMG_5345Dress (in Burgundy) | Earrings (similar one here and here) | Boots | Eyeliner

It feels amazing to have time to blog again. I didn’t mean to go on such a break but when life slaps you in the face, you have to do what you have to do & may not have time for the things you want to do. The last 2 months were nothing short of challenging, not because of one specific thing but because of multiple things happening at once including the loss of a family member, keeping information from people, trying to make the decision between finding a different job or grad school, & also being manipulated by people. Because I’m a semi-private person, I don’t want to go too into detail about everything but I do want to share 6 life lessons I learned with y’all below. Also if you’re curious, I decided to go to grad school & will be starting my MBA in August!! So excited and hope you enjoy this post! (P.S. The photos were taken by my friend, photographer Taylor Brodeur.)

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Black Maxi for the Vineyards (North Georgia)

bc0f9f99-057b-4f29-a672-c2cff1144f4cDress | Belt | Sandals (similar one here) |Fitbit + Band | Curling Iron| Lipstick | Foundation

Something I’ve grown more and more thankful for these last few weeks is my girl squad. This past month has been nothing short of challenging and I’m so lucky that I have such a strong support system. Usually people share the good and bad of life with a few friends but I’m lucky I gave a whole group of girls to share that with. Surround yourself with people that make you laugh, are your cheerleaders, and push you to be better. Life is so much better that way.

This past weekend me and the gals went up to North Georgia to try out some of the vineyards (I reviewed them at the bottom of the post)! It was so beautiful to see all the greenery and the mountains. For the trip, I knew I wanted to be comfortable so I went with this new maxi and sandals. This outfit is one that anyone can pull off and you can’t help but be confident in it! I added a belt to the dress to cinch the waist and tied the hanging piece in a knot- super cute! For makeup I incorporated a natural look with acne-healing foundation, eyeliner, and my new favorite lipstick (all linked above). Just wanted to clarify one thing- in the picture above, my friend Natasha is not stepping on my foot (LOL), her foot is hanging and mine is under it.

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