REVIEW: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation for you! I tried a sample of this foundation but definitely intend to buy a full size of it within the next month! It retails for $45. Here’s what I love about the foundation:

  • It makes my skin look flawless!
  • It adds the perfect amount of glow.
  • It is oil free and soaks right into the skin!
  • Has SPF 15
  • Feels ultra-light
  • Only need a little bit of product to cover my whole face!

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REVIEW: Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation

Hey everyone! I am excited to review the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation for you today! This is a product I bought back in May and have been using a good bit since then. Here are things to note about the product:

  • Long lasting- in my opinion, this foundation stays on for longer than 12 hours (which it claims)
  • Unique, thick texture- the clay in the formula definitely gives this foundation a nice full coverage
  • Not for people with dry skin- Make sure your skin is moisturized otherwise dry spots will show through
  • Has SPF 15!
  • Made without parabens, sulfates, and other synthetic chemicals
  • This bottle will last you an extremely long time because you only need a small amount of product each time you apply it.
  • Check out the pictures below of me wearing the foundation! These were taken 5 hours after I applied the foundation, had gone to an event, and sweat a little. Impressive right?

Let me know if you have tried this foundation before and what you thought of it!
– Emily

REVIEW: ALMAY Pure Blends Foundation and Clean & Clear In-Shower Facial

ALMAY Pure Blends Foundation– So while the CVS clearance sales were going on, I ran into this product and completely bought it on a whim! I was scanning through the whole store and there were two of these foundations left and they were both in my color!! (My color for these is Sand.) I was super lucky! They were each $2.62 due to the sale so I decided to get both! 🙂 (They retail for $10.50 each.) I had never heard of this product nor I had ever tried any ALMAY products before. This foundation has SPF 20 and is made from 97.4% natural ingredients! Oddly enough, the company does not specify whether or not this is a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer. I however would classify it as a tinted moisturizer.. It was quite oily feeling to be honest. I was not too fond of this because I do have oily skin; however, I was able to get rid of the overly glowy finish by covering it with powder. This also easily comes off your face if you accidentally wipe your shirt against your face or something so I could not imagine wearing this in the summer like other tinted moisturizers because with the sweat and everything this would be a mess. I would say this product is perfect for people with dry skin and relatively clear skin because there was minimal coverage with this. The product when applied though does not look cakey at all and really melts into your skin which is gorgeous. There is also a floral scent to this foundation that I don’t really like.. but then again it doesn’t really bother me that much. This is also hypoallergenic meaning that it will probably not cause you to break out which is always a plus. 🙂 Overall, I think this product is okay but I would probably not repurchase this especially because in my opinion it is not worth over $10.
Clean & Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial– I finally finished a full bottle of this so I thought it would be appropriate to do a full review on it. Basically this is a face wash you are supposed to leave on your face for 1-3 minutes while you are in the shower because the steam from the water is supposed to work with the product. The smell of this is very citrusy and has scents of orange in it which I loved. However, I did not find that this product made my skin clearer or smoother at all. It is an exfoliant too but the beads in it are super small. The only good thing about this was that my face did feel cooler and refreshed once I stepped out of the shower. Juicystar07 from Youtube mentioned that this product brings up your acne to wear it is close enough to the surface to pop. That was totally not true for me with this product; it didn’t do anything regarding that aspect. This is only good for the purpose of wanting to feel more awake in the morning.. otherwise there really is no point in getting this. Oh also, I feel like this product is a ripoff because there is so little product in the tube. Like literally, I think 20% of the bottle is filled with air. I probably got 10 uses out of this before it ran out. It cost $6.99 or something close to that but I will not be repurchasing this either because it just didn’t do enough for me.
Let me know if you have tried either product and whether or not it worked for you!

Flawless Foundation Routine

 Here is my routine for applying foundation!I filmed this last month so don’t get the idea that I was going to a Christmas party in the middle of January! haha

Products mentioned in the order of use:

1. Lancome Regenerie Face Cream– I have the sample size but the 1.7oz cream is $80.00
2. Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer– $7.99
3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder– $34.00
4. Lancome Dual Finish Powder– $35.50
Pictured but not in video is my daily blush!
Estee Lauder Blush in Nude Rose– $26.00

Also, it is snowing where I live!! It is a big deal for us here because we only get snow two or three times a year! Here is a video of my brother and I having a snowball fight with forts! Check out my brother’s Youtube page too! (And yes I throw like a girl, thank you.)