Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $10!!!!!!!

I am mostly a last minute shopper but don’t always like to spend a lot of money. Here are some things that I hope make your Christmas more joyful and fun without burning a whole in your wallet. You could use a lot of these products as stocking stuffers or just cute things to give your friends! They are all under $10 and great values!!! Enjoy!

First off, I have a new found addiction/ obsession with Bath and Body Works!!! So of course, my first gift idea has to be from Bath and Body Works. They are having great sales right now so you need to jump in your cars and go there right now.. right now!! Here is their website!

ย 1) They are having a 3 for $10 sale on Travel-Size Lotions and Shower Gels from their Signature Collection! Each one contains 3 ounces of product! If you don’t want to buy three then you can get each one for $5.

2) They also have the same deal (3 for $10) on their Signature Collection Fragrance Mists. They each have 3 fluid ounces of liquid and are $5 each if you don’t want the sale deal. The ones pictured above are my favorite ones! They are Berry Vanilla, Orange Sapphire, Black Amethyst, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Twilight Woods. (Twilight Woods does not last very long though after spraying it.)

3) Signature Collection Travel Set– This perfect for people that travel frequently and only costs $10! It includes a shower gel, lotion, and fragrance mist! This can only be bought online at

3) These is the Clear Cello Reindeer PocketBacโ„ข Bundle. They are mini hand sanitizers that smell really good!! You can get 5 of these for $5.00! They are $1.50 each and contain 1 fluid ounce. The scents include Dasher’s Apple Mint, Rudy’s Cocoa Mint, Vixen’s Sweet Mint, Santa’s Crew Mallow Mint, and Comet’s Ginger Mint.You can also buy little carriers for them known as PocketBacs for $0.50 each! They are perfect for carrying these hand sanitizers on your purses! I personally put mine on my car key chain. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are pictured to the right.

4) Holiday Collection Hand Soap: There are sorts of soap types such as Gentle Foaming Soap, Deep Cleansing Soap, and Moisturizing Hand Soap. They come in the scents: Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Winter Candy Apple. They are each $2.50 and have 8.75 fluid ounces in each bottle. The Moisturizing Hand Soap would be great for your parents if they are doctors or nurses because they wash their hands so often at work that it causes their hands to dry out!

Next is a gift from Sephora! (
1) Stila Make an Impression Palettes: These come in five different palettes and only cost $10! They are a $65 value so this would be a great gift and is easy to carry around! They each have adorable names such as “Make an impression in Moscow,” “Pretty in Paris,” “Trendsetting in Tokyo,” “Road to Radiance Across the U.S.A,” and “Fabulous in Fiji.” My personal favorite is Trendsetting in Tokyo ๐Ÿ™‚ It comes with four eyeshadows and a creamy color that can be used as a lip color or cream blush! This can be bought at Sephora or JcPenney! Here is Stila’s website:

Next are gifts from Target! (


1) Burt’s Bees Holiday 4 Pack Lip Stash: This is for moisturizing, soothing, and hydrating your lips! It costs $8.99. ย 

2) Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit with Case: This comes with 6 brushes and costs $9.99.
3) Caboodles Glitter Cube Cosmetic Case 2 Pack – Pink & Purple : This is perfect to give someone that has a lot of makeup and is in need of storage. This would also be perfect for someone to use when they travel! This cost $9.99 for both!

Whoo you made it through that long post! I hope this helped with gift ideas! Have a great Christmas! Let me know what you got your family and friends that was under $10! Love you!

Gift Idea: Hair Straighteners!

It seems as though nowadays every single girl has a flat iron. Straight hair has become many girls’ go-to look. I personally have pin straight hair and do not use a flat iron myself but basically all of my friends use one everyday. Hair straighteners range from all different prices and colors and help everyone feel confident in one way or another. It makes girls have idealistic hair that is perfect and shiny. I’m sure your moms, daughters, or friends would love to receive a new hair straightener for Christmas! With the flat irons mentioned below, you won’t have to splurge to get them a cute one!

Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Since it is almost winter, it seems as though a lot of people are getting sick. That includes me as of right now. I have recently been getting a cold and I guess you could say that “inspired” me to do this post lol. If one of your friends, family members, or boyfriend/ girlfriend is sick, then you can send them a get well soon basket to let them know you are thinking about them. Here are some things that would be lovely to include:

Cute Kleenex Boxes- This will make blowing noses more enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚

Cough Drops– The second to most annoying thing about having a cold is coughing and sore throats. These cough drops are so tasty that it is hard to not eat them as candy even when you’re not sick!

Tea With Lemon- If anyone actually loses their voice from their cold, this will bring it right back and warm them up! Decaffeinated teas would probably be best so that they can sleep afterwards.

A Cute Mug To Drink The Tea With! Personally, I am not that big a fan of hot water or tea but with these mugs, I would definitely be drinking it!
Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup– You and your friend could make it together!
Sleeping Masks– Anyone who is sick will feel better after a lot of rest! A sleeping mask will make it easier for them to relax and fall asleep.
In the end after you have gathered all of the lovely items, you can place them in a basket and bring them to your sick friend! I can tell you they will truly love it and want to hug you. But don’t let them because then you will be sick too! Think about it, wouldn’t you want a Get Well Soon Basket from someone if you were sick?

Fabulous Fact: Did you know that chicken soup can actually help you get better? Researches have found that theย  blend of nutrients and vitamins in traditional chicken soup can slow the activity of certain white blood cells. This may reduce inflammation that could lead to a temporary ease from symptoms of being sick. Sipping warm soup can also clear the sinuses because of the steam ventilating into the nose.

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