REVIEW: Essie Nail Polish "It’s Genius"

Hi everyone! I recently decided to repaint my nails and I knew I wanted to go for a dark red or magenta color. I ended up picking Essie’s nail polish in the color “It’s Genius” and I love it! On the nails, it basically looks like a metallic burgundy color. In the bottle, it seems like there is a slight gold duo-chrome to the polish but you can’t really see it when it’s applied. Nonetheless, this polish is a great one if you want a different texture on your nails! In person, the shimmer almost makes it look like I have the stick on nail strips which is an unexpected but good thing!

This one’s good to have for winter!

Perfect Nail Polish for NYE!

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a quick post on a nail polish that I highly recommend! I think that if you need a bit of sparkle and shine for New Years Eve, Essie’s luxeffects nail polish in “Summit of Style” is perfect! It is a rose-gold/ bronze color which will go nicely with any outfit! 
You can wear it on one or two nails with a different shade underneath or by itself on every finger! While your friends will be wearing gold or silver glitter on their nails, you’ll feel unique with this bronze color that no one else has!
Have fun tomorrow!

COMPARISON: Revlon’s Nail Buffer VS. Trim’s Buffing Block

Hi everyone! Today I will be comparing Revlon’s Nail Buffer with the Trim’s Buffing Block and inform you on which product I think is better. Both products were purchased at Target; Revlon’s buffer was $3 and Trim’s was $2. Here’s what I noticed when comparing the products:

  • The buffing block has four sides which just seems excessive. Sides 1&2 seem basically the same and 3&4 do as well.
  • Both products have about the same “gritty” texture to it
  • Both products do a great job of smoothing the nail surface
  • Revlon’s buffer produces a higher shine on nails than the block
  • Revlon’s buffer is much quicker. It’s only front and back whereas Trim’s block makes you do four steps on each nail

In my opinion, it is clear that the Revlon Nail Buffer is the better option here. It takes only two steps to get shiny, clean nails which is much faster than a four step process any day.

Hope you found this helpful!
– Emily

REVIEW: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Nail Set

Hey everyone! If you shop at Sephora a lot, you have probably see the brand ciate in the store. ciate, in my opinion, is best known for their beads and textured nail polishes. I found one of their kits at TJ Maxx and couldn’t pass it up because it cost only $12. The polishes in the kit are mini sized but that is still a great deal because one full-sized polish cost $15. The kit included 4 regular nail polishes and 4 bottles of beads. Here are my thoughts on the products:
  • Awesome nail polish- drys really quickly, easily layered, doesn’t chip quickly
  • Here’s how I applied the beads: put one coat of the colored nail polish on my nails, poured the beads over my nail (there was a tray under my hand), then put one top coat over it
    • Note that you can’t keep going over the beads with the top coat because the color of the beads will start coming off and smear on your nails
  • It is very convenient that any kit with a bottle of beads contains a funnel. After you pour them out, you definitely want to keep the extras for next time!
  • The beads will stick on your nails for a few days but it is definitely easy to pick them off.

What cute packaging right? Overall, I think this is a fun kit and brand to play with! I don’t think I would wear the beads everyday on my nails, but I do think it’s a fun way to change up your everyday routine. Try it and let me know what you think!
— Emily

My Current Essie Nail Polish Collection!

Hey everyone! If you know me well, then you probably know that Essie is my favorite nail polish brand! The products last on my nails longer than ones from any other brand I’ve tried! Because I’ve recently discovered my love for Essie nail polishes, I currently only have eight different colors.
Starting from the top and going clockwise, the name of the nail polishes I own are:
  • Beyond Cozy
  • Summit of Style (this is from the luxeffects line)
  • #2 Pink
  • Merino Cool
  • It’s Genius
  • Watermelon
  • Ladylike
  • Tart Deco (was featured many times during NYFW!)

If you have recommendations for any Essie nail polish colors, please let me know in the comments below!
– Emily