NYC: Strolling in Union Square

IMG_4485Leather Jacket (similar one) | Scarf (similar one) | Pants (similar one) | Boots (similar one)| Tote Bag | Headphones | Glitter Caps (sold out- other options here)

I realized recently that I’ve been working in NYC for 8 months now. :O That is so insanely crazy to me and even though my days have gotten longer and longer, I’m still so happy to be in this city. I work in Union Square and this area is so perfect! Union Square has awesome places to eat or shop, I’ve spotted Jimmy Fallon here, and I love that it’s in so many movies! Some of my favorite spots include The Bean, Republic, Liquiteria, Union Square Greenmarket, and Irving Farm Coffee Roasters.

NYC’s weather has been fluctuating a ton with days in the 50’s one week and then a blizzard the next (P.S. I survived my first blizzard! It was super short and I ended up going to work during it. Lol) I’m always wearing layers so that I don’t get uncomfortable at work or walking around the city and I typically have two things with me: 1) my work tote which is big enough for my laptop! and 2) my Frends headphones!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Bundled Up for New York

P1010062.jpgJacket (similar one) | Scarf (similar one)| Sweater (similar one) | Pants | Boots (similar one) | Bag | Lipstain (in Continual Crimson) | Necklace

Wow where to begin this post. 1) Sorry for being so MIA this whole last month and a half. It feels like I haven’t had a second to myself to just get online and blog. Now that I’m working in NYC I have super long hours and am just also trying to experience the city with new friends and coworkers. 2) I mentioned new exciting blog projects that I’m really excited about but that are taking more time than I expected. They are coming soon I promise!IMG_0964.jpg

These last few months have been a dream. I’m living the life I’ve always wanted- being in NYC and then traveling on the weekend to whatever city I pretty much want. It’s amazing to take a step back and just feel grateful for it all- I’m truly so lucky. I’ve realized more and more that school is a time to work your butt off so that you can enjoy life later (aka if you’re in school, work hard now so you can play later). New York City is so incredibly beautiful and the perfect place for blog pics. I took these with my friend Natasha (see her guest post here) back in November but am just now getting around to posting them. Since it’s been so cold lately these pics are still applicable. Lol I encountered my first snow storm last week and it was somewhat intimidating with the wind and slush but nonetheless was a fun experience of trying to walk and not die. Cant wait to go back to NYC this week!

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Knee-High Boots ft. Natasha J

P1010036.jpgBoots | Top (similar one here) | Blazer (similar one here and here) | Skirt (similar one here and here) | Sunglasses

Hi Everyone! What a great opportunity it is to finally be a part of Emsies! I’m Natasha and Emily and I go way back, to the t-shirt wearing college days, and I have since been harassing her to make me a part of her blog post! Now that we are both working women, I had the chance to visit her up in New York in early November. If you know anything about Emily, is that she absolutely loves New York. So you know that you will have 100% of a good time with Emily showing you around. She knows all the hip spots, great restaurants, and the best views of the city.  Not to mention, all the fashion you must keep up with (of course with the hopes you might make a sweet landing on her blog). Well my dream finally came true (I guess my outfit was finally up to par)! I would always have described my fashion as very classic. I have never been a fan of tight clothing, and prefer to wear clothing that has more fabric and that flows well. I would also consider myself a very savvy shopper, majority of my clothing is under $20. Most of my inspiration comes from Bazaar magazine, and I would say my style icon has to be Victoria Beckham. She can make anything look effortlessly chic.


Pink on Pink in Times Square + Giorgio Armani Si Parfum Intense Review

P1015599.jpgTop (similar one) | Cardigan | Blazer (similar here and here) | Pants | Flats

Guys, I’m sorry I’ve been so bad at blogging lately lol. Since I’m traveling to NYC every week for work & working long hours, it’s hard for me to want to get on my computer when I get to my hotel. It’s crazy that I feel like I’m in a completely different point in my life than I was in May when I graduated college. I always remember speaking to consultants when I was in school about their job and lifestyle and it’s crazy to think that I am one of those consultants now. Like I mentioned before, being in NYC is a complete dream come true & sometimes I feel like I have to tone down my excitement because I love it so much. Haha

This outfit is actually what I wore to work one day- the blazer is a perfect layering piece for the chilly evenings! I’ve also found my new cold weather scent- it’s the Giorgio Armani Si Parfum Intense! I love the black currant and freesia notes to this perfume! Also, I recently got my first DSLR (thanks mom and dad!) so what better way to test it out then to take some photos in Times Square? Shout out to my friend Stephan for helping me take these shots!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

OOTD: NYC Hudson River Park


Hello everyone! Two weekends ago, my friend Isabella and I explored Greenwich Village in NYC and it was so perfect! The weather was amazing and the view of the water and skyscrapers made me literally want to jump up and down. I have concluded that I seriously need to live in NYC for part of my life at some point. We started at the Chelsea Market, went to Hudson River Park, had a picnic by the water, went to the World Trade Memorial, and then got a glass of sangria in the afternoon. It was the perfect day!

For my outfit, I wanted something comfortable and light because I didn’t want to be sweating but also knew that NYC always means a lot of walking. I also loved that my chiffon tank had subtle lace detail on the front- simple but not boring! Here are the details on my outfit:

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OOTD: NYC Finally

Hello everyone! I am so excited to write this post for you today because it’s about my first trip to NYC! I don’t know why it took me 22 years to get there but I literally could not stop smiling and freaking out on the way to the city. I went with three friends and had a blast exploring Times Square, Central Park, and Chelsea. For my outfit, I decided to go for something light since it was so hot in NYC. I was also in the “go big or go home” mindset so wanted to stand out with a lime eyelet skirt! I also wore flats since I knew I was bound to do a lot of walking in the big city. Here are the details:

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