NEW Coach Purse!

Hey everyone!
So I recently got back from a trip to China! While I was there, the bag I carried everyday was my new beige Coach purse. I wish I knew exactly the name and model of it but unfortunately I don’t. I bought it at a Coach outlet and threw away the tags. If you have a Coach outlet somewhat near you, I think it is definitely worth the drive. They have some crazy discounts in there sometimes. I got my purse for over half off the original price!

The purse is made of leather and is the perfect size for me! I can easily fit my wallet, phone, makeup products, and anything else I need in there! It will definitely be my new “everyday” purse.

Let me know which Coach purse is your favorite!
– Emily

Fabulous Friends: Fall Favorites

Fall is my favorite season. With the changing leaves, cooler weather, and outdoor activities, how could you not enjoy yourself? In addition to loving Fall, I also love Fall fashion. Therefore, I wanted to know what my friends’ favorite fall trends were. Here is what they said:

  • 8 friends said their favorite Fall accessory was scarves
  • 1 friend mentioned how she loves colorful scarves that look good with jeans, boots, and a solid colored shirt
  • 1 friend said she goes for a “good, neutral pashmina” which is an Indian scarf made of fine cashmere wool- she wears it kind of like a shaw and it looks effortlessly pretty!
  • 3 people mentioned their go-to is infinity scarves. 2 people said they love big sweaters because they’re cozy and warm (both items are worn by Miley Cyrus on the right)

The next biggest thing mentioned by my friends were boots (5 people said this). 2 people specifically said they loved tall chocolate riding boots for the Fall (pictured to the left). Another 5 friends named one of the following boot trends (from left to right):

1. Combat boots                     4. Short Boots
2. Doc Martens                       5. Black Riding Boots
3. Tall Tan Frye Boots             6. Fringe Boots

Other trends mentioned by my friends were peacoats, stud earrings (“perfect for everyday or you can get snazzy and dress them up”), pumpkin spice lattes, and beanies.

Lastly, I wanted to share my three favorite trends for Fall. They are a tribal printed sweater, layered clothing (my friend also mentioned this), and a wine purse! These trends go perfectly together!

Have a fantastic Fall!
— Emily

"What’s In My Purse" Video!

I saw a “What’s In My Purse” video on my friend Elise’s blog! Here is the link to her post!
I hope you enjoy my video! I was sort of having a bad hair day and sorry if the lighting change bothers you lol. My video cam’s quality is not that great just FYI. (Also at the end of the video when I show you my shirt, I was trying to pull my hair out of the way, not show my tank top. haha)
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Havea great Valentine’
– Emily