Neons for Summer

Hey gals! Something that I have been obsessed with already this summer is neon colors! What a perfect & easy way to stand apart from the crowd! With neons, you can accentuate a specific body part (lips, hips, etc.) or add a pop of color to your whites & grays. You will be finding a lot of neon in my outfits this summer! In the collage, you’ll find the different ways I could see myself incorporating neon into my outfits! Click on the individual items to see the brand!

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Look Like A Million Bucks While Spending Under $50

Hey everyone! My friend requested that I make this post to help her find ways to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. All the items I picked cost under $50- you can click on the individual pics to buy them! I think this is applicable to anyone especially if you are getting out of college, starting work, or go to a lot of events. Below you can read why I picked each type of clothing.

Look like a million bucks

Coordinating A Holiday Outfit With Your Man

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic holiday season! Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean that you get to stop dressing up for events. Whether you’re meeting someone’s parents or attending a dinner party, it makes you look extra good if you and your man slightly coordinate your outfits!

If I was attending an event like I mentioned earlier, I would most likely wear something warm and cute. Knit sweater dresses are perfect for this time of year! Below, is how I would style one.

holidaysChicwish / Madewell black legging / Evans knee high boots, $70 / Kate Spade stud earrings / Kate spade jewelry / Kate spade jewelry / Charlotte Russe gold necklace

The holiday season seems like the easiest time to find an outfit for your guy that’s quick but still makes him look pulled together. I would choose either a colorful plaid shirt, blue and white button down, or a gray knit sweater with a white shirt under. All of these options pair well with chocolate pants and leather oxford shoes. To make the outfit more fun, mix in some crazy socks like the gingerbread pair shown below.

Find all styles above at Paul Fredrick
Every piece in the pic above is from the brand Paul Fredrick. Everything but the pants & shoes is part of their 2014 Winter Collection! To see the dress shirts, go here. Thank you to the people at Paul Fredrick for sharing these images with me!

#MyCosmoStyle Blog Challenge: Vegas Outfits!

Hey everyone! I participated in the #MyCosmoStyle Blog Challenge and created three show-stopping looks that I would wear if I had a day at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, one of the premier hotel properties in the area. Check them out below!
Look 1: Brunch at the Wicked Spoon + Poolside
I think the perfect thing to wear at the start of a relaxing Las Vegas trip would be a kimono. That paired with a romper and accessories with look great anywhere especially when going to a restaurant for brunch! After eating, you could always put on your sunhat and shades and sit by the poolside. If you want to get in the water, this Milly Neoprene bikini will be sure to turn heads!
Click on the items below to see more information.
Look 2: Marquee Night Club
Put on your dancing shoes because you’ll want to go out after trying on one of these outfits! When I think of Vegas, I think of dresses and pumps. Whether you choose sequins or a bright coral, you’ll definitely receive a lot of attention with these looks!

Look 3: Dinner at STK Steakhouse + Casinos
When you’re in Vegas with that special someone, you want to look smokin’ hot in the evening. With that in mind, I wanted to incorporate open back designs as well as the classic colors black and red. Strappy heels will also help you to create a sexy look. After you enjoy a dinner at the steakhouse, it’s time to head out to the bars and casinos. After all you’re in Vegas!


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Music Festival Style!

Hi everyone! So one of my favorite things to search for are outfits that people wear to music festivals! I absolutely love the laid back and free style of festival go-ers. If you have not been to a music festival before, you definitely should go! Nothing will make you feel as alive as dancing with your friends to loud, electronic music. Festivals are seriously so much fun.

If you don’t know what to wear, I feel like there are certain pieces that you can always add into your outfit to make you look festival-ready! Check out these pieces below for inspiration!

(Picture to the left is of my friend and I at Counterpoint Music Festival! Headband: Charlotte Russe, Shirt: Forever21, Shorts: H&M)

Influence round top, $20 / Monki blue tie dye shirt, $20 / Yoga activewear / Levi’s short shorts / Jean shorts, $27 / Sole Society heel booties / Minnetonka boots / Floral crown / Floral crown / H M pink flower headband, $14 / Rock N Rose silk flower headband / Rip Curl black hat, $26

Let me know what you think of this music festival style!
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Miami- Kendra Thorton Fashion Challenge!

Here are all the items in the collages:

Challenge Details by Kendra Thorton:
“While looking around at all of the different places in Miami, I realized that everyone is dressed so posh! I’m a mother of three and am in need of a few outfit for my trip to Miami. I’m hoping that you can help me pick out some beach looks, casual day attire and evening ensembles to keep me looking fabulous wherever we head in Miami.
Our hotel is in the heart of South Beach and located right by the boardwalk. The Delano hotel is one of the ritzier hotels, and I am very lucky to be staying here with my husband. I can’t believe we got a reservation. It’s a gorgeous place with premium bedding, large bathtubs, beautiful ocean views and a stretch pool by the beach. We found and booked this gem on the website gogobot. The hotel is rated number one by users for the greater miami area. My husband also surprised me with a spa package to the Delano’s signature spa. I definitely need a new swimsuit outfit that can translate from the beach to walking around cafes or going to the spa easily.
There are a few different bars and nightclubs located around where we are staying, so I want to have a night look that will knock my husband off his feet. It should include a pair of heels and a nice dress. I’m open to different colors or even a sleek black dress. Im so excited to see what type of tends your fashion board has in store.”

Check out the hotel through Gogobot!–hotels

I hope you like all the outfits I put together! Leave your comments in the section below!
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