Love this Look: Amber Heard’s Classic Red Lip!

Hello everyone! I am working on getting back into the the swing of things with blogging! I was looking online at 2014 celebrity makeup looks and one that stood out to me was Amber Heard’s makeup at the 2014 Art of Elysium Heaven Gala. She nailed the “Classic Hollywood Red Lip Look”!

Here are the reasons why this look worked on her:
  • She did not overpower her statement lips with dark eye makeup! The best way to pull off this look is to keep the eyes natural. I’m not saying don’t put eye makeup on; by all means do so but just stick to neutral shadows, thin eyeliner, & a few coats of mascara on your top lashes.
  • Her red lips are done perfectly. They are lined well and the red extends all the way to the edge of her lips.
  1. TIP: It will look better & make you feel better too if you brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste before you go out with red lips!
  2. TIP: For smooth lips, exfoliate with either a sugar scrub on your finger or on a toothbrush. Afterwards, apply a lip balm and then the red color.
  • Her skin is flawless! There is not one imperfection showing and her skin is glowing as well. You can see that they have applied light peach blush as well as a highlight above her cheek bones. Makes for a glamorous look!

I hope these reasons and tips help you achieve your own perfect “red lips” look. I personally love this recurring trend and think it’s a classic.

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Favorite Winter Makeup Trends from the 2013 Fashion Weeks!

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been looking up a lot of makeup trends for this upcoming season. I wanted to share the ones with you from the Fashion Week runways that I liked the most and am most excited for!

1) Dark Dramatic Eye Makeup

Jason Wu
(This would be such a fun look for New Years!)

2) Dark Semi-Stained Lips!

Vera Wang

Looks from Lanvin and Zac Posen, respectively.

 3) Luminous Finished Skin

Far left and far right: Chloé, De La Renta
Let me know what your  favorite runway winter makeup trends are in the comments!

Trend to Try: Mulberry Lips!


In the last month, I’ve really been loving darker lip colors for the Fall and Winter! Mulberry lips are a recent trend that has been spotted on celebrities and the runway! I would describe Mulberry as being a rich, dark burgundy color. So this holiday season, if red is too bright of a color for you, then go for the deeper, more sophisticated look with Mulberry lips!
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Summer Trend to Try: Tribal Prints!!

I have really been looking into trends recently. Now I know that this tribal trend started around last summer but I think it is still in and looks so colorful and unique! The prints add so much texture to any clothing item and are easy to match! I created this collage when I was styling my friend’s wardrobe but I definitely wanted to share it with all of you! Let me know what you think! ❤ Almost all of the pieces are from Forever 21 or Charlotte-Russe. Happy summer! 🙂

– Emily

Trend to Try: Lace!

A trend that I have definitely noticed at school recently is lace. Whether it is on girls’ sweater or their tights, it is surely becoming popular. Lace just adds an attention-grabbing, feminine touch to any outfit. I personally love it because it makes me feel bold and edgy. If you are not yet comfortable with wearing lace pieces, you could start small with things such as lace purses, jewelry, or shoes. Several celebrities are also really liking the lace trend. The celebrities featured in the photos below are Taylor Swift, Taylor Momsen, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, and Lauren Conrad.

Here are some pieces to try so that you can add this new trend to your own outfits. Some of the item’s names are linked to their individual websites so feel free to check it out! (Click to Enlarge Photo)

1) Forever 21 Chiffon & Chantilly Lace Skirt $22.80
2) Charlotte Russe Lace 2-Fer Dress $36.50
3) Rue 21 15″ Elastic Waist Metallic Lace Tiered Skirt with Tie $19.99
4) Charlotte Russe Lace A-Line Skirt $29.50
5) Rue 21 Angel sleeve lace inset tunic $19.99
6) Forever 21 Boudoir Lace Print Top $19.80
7) Contrast Lace Skirt $15.80
8) Lacy Peeptoe With Bow $28.00
9) Laced clutches add glamour to any going out outfit!
Wetseal Tulle Lace Mini Skirt $10.00
Wetseal Long Sleeve Lace Top $10.80

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– Emily

Trend to Try: Chunky Jewelry!

Yes sir’ee chunk jewelry is a new trend for this year 🙂 The jewelry in this picture are pieces that I bought from JcPenney. I am in love with them and I get compliments on them all the time. They are accentual to any outfit and just add a pop of color. Here are some other chunky pieces you could buy. I chose to show you ones from Forever 21 because I love all of their accessories! (Click the photo to enlarge.)


Pearlescent Heart Petal Necklace $5.80
Netted Antique Charm Necklace $8.80
Floral Rhinestone Necklace $9.80
Faceted Rhinestone Hinge Cuff $9.80
(I’m sorry but I don’t know where the rings are from!)